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WIS 26 - Watertown Bypass, Wisconsin

WIS 26 - Watertown Bypass, WisconsinR.A. Smith National was a an integral part of the KL Engineering team for the north segment of the WIS 26 Watertown Bypass. Extensive early involvement to resolve design, roundabout feasibility, access and real estate issues was a team effort with the WisDOT Southwest region and the consultants. 

The preliminary and final design challenges included: designs for a system interchange trumpet and a jug handle interchange, with roundabouts; complex drainage with connected interchange ponds; erosion control; railroad crossing evaluation for safety and future plan accommodation; unique intersection design/control; traffic control/construction staging to accommodate future expansion of WIS 26 north and WIS 16 east; signing and access control. As part of the larger project, R.A. Smith National was responsible for the preliminary and final designs of single and multi-lane roundabouts. 

The team also completed an extensive Design Refinement Report – Environmental Impact Update, which was essentially a supplement to the EIS and required extensive agency coordination and alternatives analysis for the redesigned interchanges.

Construction of this $90 million project was completed in 2012.

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