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USH 12 - Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

Awarded "2004 Best Consultant Urban Design, Statewide Excellence in Highway Design," Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation

USH 12A unique design solution was developed for converting a two-lane highway to four lanes without significantly impacting historical properties, existing businesses, and natural resources – all of which were a concern on this project. The design also addressed another issue – the public’s strong opposition to four lanes.

The entire 1.7-mile stretch of Highway 12 was designed to accommodate four lanes of traffic, but only the western portion was reconstructed to four lanes at this time. The eastern portion, which includes historical properties and established businesses, was constructed as an urban two-lane undivided roadway with auxiliary lanes with the ability to convert the auxiliary lanes to four lanes in the future with minimal cost and disruption. The two driving lanes were reconstructed to 12 feet with 10-foot auxiliary lanes.

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