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Boerner Botanical Gardens - Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Boerner Botanical Gardens - Milwaukee County, WisconsinBoerner Botanical Gardens is an internationally renowned horticultural showplace in the Milwaukee County Parks System with an existing irrigation system that was old and in need of major repairs. Because it was a labor intensive manual irrigation system, it was costly to operate. It also was inadequate in the level of coverage it provided.

R.A. Smith National provided expert irrigation consultation and design services to evaluate the existing irrigation system and water source. We provided design solutions for a new and complete automatic irrigation system including new irrigation pumps, pump system controls, sprinklers and related materials utilizing advanced irrigation technology.

The technology proved not only cost effective, but the total labor cost and expense was decreased, even though the amount of area covered was increased.

The gardeners are now able to spend more of their time tending to the plantings and improvements to the botanical gardens. Their productivity has greatly increased, and they are better able to meet the goals and objectives of the park director.


"Keeping Boerner Botanical Gardens Beautiful"

More than 100,000 people visit Boerner Botanical Gardens in Milwaukee, Wis. every year. Behind the scenes of this horticultural showplace is a major effort to maintain the gardens. Boerner's park director, Shirley Dommer Walczak, discusses the time and cost savings of the new irrigation system designed by the landscape architects and irrigation designers at R.A. Smith National.


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