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Mobile Applications - Sanitary Maintenance - City of Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Mobile Applications - Snaitary Maintenance - City of Manitowoc, WisconsinR.A. Smith National developed an ArcGIS for Windows Mobile custom application to aid the City of Manitowoc in better managing their sanitary sewer maintenance program. The City’s program involves cleaning, monitoring and inspecting sanitary sewer lines biannually, primarily with the use of a high-pressure JetVac machine.

Since the City’s sanitary sewer system must be cleaned systematically – upstream pipes within a district must be cleaned prior to downstream pipes, R.A. Smith National employed a unique labeling and sequencing system within the GIS custom application. The first sequencing number corresponds to the order in which each sanitary district within the City’s overall system is to be addressed. The second number references the order each pipe within a district is to be cleaned.

Sewer crews use this custom application and a laptop to download work orders generated by the DPW Operations Manager for a particular district; view their progress in that district and identify the next sequential manhole to be cleaned; collect and record maintenance activities; and finally, upload and synchronize the maintenance data with the master database. A variety of reports documenting the status of routine maintenance can be generated at any time in the field or office.

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