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Streetlight Data Inventory - Cobb County, Georgia

Streetlight Data inventory - Cobb County, GeorgiaR.A. Smith National provided GIS services for the development of a countywide inventory of streetlight districts and streetlights for Cobb County, Georgia. The inventory allows for better identification and tracking of streetlight data as well as allocation of user charges.

Data layers were created for the county’s 5,800 streetlight districts and 40,000 streetlights. Source data as-builts and digital orthophotography were used to locate the streetlight points. Attributes captured for each streetlight point included wattage, power company, installation year, the assignment of a unique identifier, and value indicating if the streetlight had been placed by digital orthophotography or an approximate location. The above mentioned layers were delivered as a geodatabase.

One of the challenges in this project was that Cobb County had to ship and track several boxes of hard copy records for use by R.A. Smith National in the conversion process. After discussions with the client, R.A. Smith National extended the database to accommodate the naming convention of the hard copy folders for tracking purposes. This allowed Cobb County to correlate the hard copy folders with the digital data for each district.

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