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Web-Based Application - Stormwater Compliance • Erosion Control Inspection

permitrackR.A. Smith National has formed a business partnership with SEH Technology Solutions to assist municipal (MS4) clients and private clients with stormwater compliance and erosion control inspection.
Two cloud-based applications, PermiTrackMS4 and PermiTrackESC, are powerful tools to help the public and private sectors administer a stormwater management program and meet discharge permit program goals.

The portal applications are accessible from any computer capable of Web browsing without the need to download any software or modify any hardware.

Stormwater Compliance

PermiTrackMS4 is an effective tool for administrating a stormwater management program and permit-required compliance activities. This application significantly reduces project coordination efforts and labor-intensive report writing.

Key Features

  • manage and store NPDES permit activities and goals
  • generate e-mail reminders of upcoming tasks and responsible parties
  • create dynamic, online reports with access to all supporting documents
  • share report information with the public

Erosion Control Inspection

permitrackPermiTrackESC is a powerful inspection tool that allows staff from applicable permitting agencies to use a Web-accessible mobile device to conduct a variety of activities. Staff at multiple locations can gain immediate access to project-specific information.

Key Features

  • visit a construction site
  • create an inspection report
  • take and save photos
  • view the site's erosion control inspection history
  • record observations using an interactive Google map interface to provide real-time public access to construction site permits, erosion control plans, project-related contact data, and erosion control inspections

In The News

PermiTrackESC was featured in the November/December 2013 edition of the Government Engineering Journal of Public Infrastructure. The article, titled “Erosion Control in the Cloud,” describes how the application improves effective implementation of erosion and sediment control practices.

More Information

For more information about these powerful applications or to view a demonstration, please contact Jeff Mazanec at (920) 843-5734 or

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